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The work was excellent and the service above and beyond professional. The contacted me when they said they would, showed up on time, completed the work in three consecutive days, and left my house cleaner than it was when they arrived. I was more than satisfied with the results.
Don't waste your time with this guy! He will not call or email you back. The quality off work is very poor. I wish I would have never used his company. He do know how to talk his way out of anything to save his behind.
I wish I would have found the other review listed here before contacting Tony. It started the same - We contacted Tony for an estimate for an FHA 203k job, as by looking at his site this was something that he specialized in. I was surprised as well that he was able to meet us with little notice.The day of the meeting he arrived a little early and was very personable and seemed generally excited about the job - to the point that he stayed longer than any other contractor that day.Based on this attention, we pretty much decided to use him for the job, depending on the proposals of course. This was to be the end of his good merits, unfortunately.We then preceded to have the same problems that the other reviewer experienced...Let me start by saying that we needed the estimate quickly due to the nature of the 203k process and he was the only contractor that said he have it to me in 48 hours as he left us at the site.48 hours came and went, I started receiving other offers - I called his office, the only number he ever gave us, and left messages that went unanswered. Finally someone answered the phone on Friday (a full 4 days after our meeting) and Tony happened to be in the office.I was transfered to him and he told me that he started our proposal and thought that he was too high so he put it aside (without bothering to contact us at all). I told him that the price was OK as we asked for a lot of items that we were to choose among and would like the rest for future projects we were considering - We left the conversation with him saying that he'd do it over the weekend and get it to us early in the week.I had the following Monday off so did not check my email until Tuesday and was surprised that there was no email from Tony. I tried calling several times that day to get only an answering machine - I ended up leaving a message as well as emailing the general address he gave me.Wednesday and no word again - I tried calling and even email a personal email I found for him - I finally got a receptionist and she said that she check and call me back.I received this email from Tony less than an hour later..&quot, I know you are trying to move forward with your project and I feel terrible having to say this. I am not going to be able to bid on your project. We have gotten exceptionally busy at work and I just don't have time. Even if I were able to complete your proposal today, I would not be able to start your work for months. I am sorry for wasting your time, and I wish you both the best.&quot, This was a total 360 from the Friday before and we even had a conversation about how many contractors waste you time and do not bid and he agreed with me that there are ones like that.I guess he was talking about himself as well - He wasted not only our time, but the time of the current homeowner's and our Realtor.STAY AWAY - He has good BBB reviews, but this is only from jobs that he selected, after wasting everybody's time. After all you can't complain to the about time wasted.I suggest paying for an Angie's List account because the people and reviews we found there were priceless and by the way Tony's not even listed - Surprise, Surprise - I guess he doesn't want to be listed with a grade of F-.
Contacted AJ Deluca Contractors on June 16, 2008 needing an estimate for some concrete work and to have an exterior door installed. Due to time constraints I needed one asap. To my surprise, Tony came out around 10am that same morning. He seemed very sincere and committed to getting me a proposal via email by the end of the week.Friday came and went without any word from Tony. On Monday, June 23, I sent an email asking about the proposal, this is his response, &quot, We are sorry that we have not been able to get your proposal out to you. We have been exceedingly busy and did not want to put future business ahead of the jobs on which we were presently working. We have intended to get to your proposal this week. However, if you are no longer interested in having us estimate your work, please let us know. We would hate to sacrifice the time if you are not interested. Please let us know.Thank you,Tony DeLucaSo I responded with the following, &quot, Tony, I understand that your company is doing a lot of business, and would not expect you to drop current projects to start another one, that only makes good business sense. On the other hand not communicating to potential customers that due to your current busy schedule you will be delayed in getting an estimate together does not make good business sense. If you can commit to me to get a proposal to me before the end of the week, I will still consider, and compare your estimate with the other ones. I will await your timely responseAs of today, June 30, 2008 I have not heard from Tony or anyone else at AJ Deluca. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME--