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At AS Ventura we care about our clients. We offer residential and janitorial/commercial cleaning. We have been working in the area for over 8 years. We offer one time cleaning, weekly, monthly. Our specialty is helping you organize your home or office, so you can concentrate on other things. Please call us today for a free estimate. We Come To You


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Industrial Cleaning, Window Washing.

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I hired Ventura Cleaning Service in hopes of clearing all the clutter from my apartment that had become an embarrassing eye sore. I was uneasy about letting someone into my home and sorting through all the junk I had collected over the years. Also I had tried other services in the past and they did not work fast enough nor efficiently enough and the language barrier had been so bad that it was not worth the time, effort or money to use those other cleaning services again. After owning a restaurant for over a decade I have high standards of those in the service industry as well as health and safety. Ventura Cleaning Service had met those standards and gone above and beyond my expectations based on previous cleaners I had hired.The staff was friendly, honest and not just hard working but worked smart. They got rid of everything I did not want. They organised my belongings in a fashion that I felt was organised and accessible. They did not get rid of any valuables or disturb areas I did not want them to touch. My whole apartment is clutter free now and I am no longer ashamed of it. The weight of all the junk i was keeping for years and was too lazy or too scared or unmotivated to move was gone. This transformation took one day and my stress and embarrassment of having clutter has melted away. Now its time to entertain guests again and cook my famous lasagna! Thank you so much!Best regards,Sam
They do such a fabulous job. Its unbelievable what they can accomplish. I had no hope until they showed up. A S Ventura is the best. I love them!
So glad i contacted this service to organize and clean my basement and kitchen! Everything was done in an efficient and thorough manner -- and I finallly have a basement storage area that I'm not embarassed to let guests see!
I am a monthly customer and I love them!! A pleasant and professional crew!! I highly recommend them if you are looking for a good and dependable service!!
AS Ventura Cleaning is the best! They are so nice and very quick! I luv their services I ve used them twice in 1 month. They go out of their way and make sure everything is clean. I didnt have to give them any direction, all I had to do is show them which areas to clean and they took care of the rest. I am very pleased with their services. I am a very picky clean freak and they met my standards. Great Job AS Ventura Cleaning! See you next time, you do an amazing job. I luv it! A very pleased customer!