NHS Rapid Rehab Loan

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NHS Rapid Rehab Loan

This new rehabilitation loan program provides eligible customers with up to $20,000 at a fixed interest rate of 4% for a term of up to 10 years. One of the benefits of this program is that customers do not need to have equity in their homes to qualify, making it an appealing option for new homeowners. The loan can be used to finance a variety of renovation projects or energy-efficient repairs that meet program requirements. Upon approval, the funds will be disbursed within 30 days.

Eligibility Requirements 

  • The property must be located in Baltimore City
  • The loan must be used to renovate the property 
  • The property must be the primary residence of the applicant 
  • Applicants must have a credit score of at least 680
  • Applicants must have a bank account
  • Applicants must have a minimum of one year of continuous employment

Contact Information 

Neighborhood Housing Services of Baltimore

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