Title & Escrow

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Title & Escrow

Title companies are pivotal in real estate, ensuring property title legitimacy and providing insurance. Title insurance safeguards the interests of lenders and owners by protecting against legal issues and claims associated with the property’s title.

Title Insurance

Title insurance protects your real estate investment by providing coverage against potential title defects and disputes, ensuring your ownership rights and offering financial security.


We facilitate the settlement process by conducting thorough title searches, resolving any issues, preparing necessary documentation, and ensuring a smooth transfer of ownership.


We act acts as a neutral third party by holding escrow funds during the transaction, ensuring a secure and regulated handling of funds until all conditions are met for closing.



Who Benefits?

Whatever your role and needs, we're ready to be your title partner.


Title companies help consumers by providing peace of mind through thorough title searches, resolving potential issues, and offering title insurance to protect their investment and ownership rights.


For real estate agents, title companies serve as valuable partners by handling title-related tasks, including research, documentation, and coordinating the closing process.


Title companies provide assurances that a lender's financial interests are protected through comprehensive searches to identify any liens or claims against the property.

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To make your transaction seamless, TheFlatRate.com offers title & escrow options as well as brokerage services, so you can easily manage both aspects of the transaction from one platform.