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Everything You Need To Buy A Home

So you’ve decided to buy a home – but what now? Do you call a local Realtor®? Do you try to buy without being represented? From free resources and information to tips about hiring a Realtor®, we’ve got you covered when you buy your home. 

The Home Buying Process

Simple steps to becoming a homeowner

Get Prequalified

for a mortgage from a lender

Search for properties

online using any web portal

Tour Homes

on your own or with professional assistance

Find your dream home

and make your buying decision

Make an offer

through our convenient à la carte services or through a Realtor

Finalize the Deal

and negotiate your terms

Manage The Transaction

and work through contingencies

Go to settlement

and receive the full buyer co-op if using our partner brokerage

Free Resources

Our resource library offers advice and links to invaluable lessons and data to help you navigate the pitfalls of buying a home. Browse our extensive collection of buyer related articles and videos or ask our Ai bot ReVa for assistance! Ready to write a contract? Check out our free downloadable contracts and addenda!

Without Representation

Buying Without An Agent

Skipping a buyer’s agent and going directly to the seller can save you money and avoid any potential conflicts of interest often associated with buyer’s agents. You’ll have clearer, more direct communication with the seller, potentially simplifying negotiations and fostering trust. However, it comes with added responsibilities, so being well-prepared is key.

With A Traditional Realtor

Buying With A Licensed Professional

If you believe a traditional agent is the right choice for you after exploring the resources on this website, make sure they come highly recommended and align with your preferences and communication style for a productive partnership. An experienced agent can offer invaluable market expertise, skillful negotiation, and meticulous due diligence, ensuring a smoother and more successful real estate experience.

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Stu Greenwell
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The Best of Both Worlds

Interested in a 100% Buyer Agency Rebate?

Through the power of AI, our partner brokerage automates various aspects of the process and breaks it down into individual services, ensuring convenience and substantial savings with their buyer's rebate program.

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