Public Safety Officers Tax Credit

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Public Safety Officers Tax Credit

The Public Safety Officers Tax Credit is a program that offers a credit against the real property tax imposed on the principal residence of full-time sworn public safety officers serving in the Baltimore City Police Department, Baltimore City Sheriff’s Office, Baltimore City Fire Department, or the Baltimore City Public School System. Eligible properties can receive a property tax reduction of up to $2,500 each taxable year, as long as they remain eligible for the program. If an application is rejected the credit cannot be applied for again in the same tax year, you may apply in subsequent taxable years. This tax credit can only be combined with the Targeted Homeowners Tax Credit and the Homestead Tax Credit.

Eligibility Requirements 

  • The homeowner must be a sworn member that works full time for at least one of the following in Baltimore City: law enforcement officer, firefighter, or an emergency medical technician. 
  • The property must be your primary residence. 
  • The application for the credit must be applied for / renewed each year, prior to April 1st. 

Contact Information 

Baltimore City Department of Finance
(410) 396-4585

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